How To Fix Sinking Office Chair-Learn It Now

  • 05 Feb 2022 16:17
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Are you irritated with your Office Chair keeps sinking? and want to know how to fix sinking office chair? If so, then you are in the right place.

We constantly spend a ton of money on our office chairs just to be free from doubt that’s they are surly comfortable and perfect for long days. But only a few years after used every time we are facing there is an issue with sinking chairs that, they stop working.

Especially this chair won’t stay up anymore. So nobody should not deal with this chair which keeps sinking. But there are also several ways you can get it fixed at a very cheap cost instead of purchasing a new chair.

Let’s Check, How To Fix Sinking Office Chair

I just end my meeting about my big project and find that this project’s deadline increased. So I just relaxed and take some tea then go to my office and decide to get some work. Once I seat on my desk chair and found that I’m sinking to the very bottom.

Seems it’s a kid-sized chair and getting harder to reach my computer keyboard perfectly. It was very frustrating to me but thinking away if there was something could fix shortly instead of buying a brand new chair?

Like you and me both didn’t face this before but straightly stop at the bottom of the chair and it’s not funny.

So at this time let’s get out of the chair and buy a new one? Wait a bit before you are spending tons of monies for no reason, try to consider fixing it instead, and save your money.

Is Sinking Office Chairs Is Good?

Don’t think the office sinking chair is completely bad, actually, there is a pure reason behind this occurs at every time. The most common issues are the chair’s cylinder spoiled and unable to stand up. And this cylinder is the main part of this sinking chair that helps the sank to stand up, which is the main feature of this office chair.

Inside of this chair’s cylinder is Nitrogen gas. When we impress the lever then Nitrogen gas bends inside the cylinder, this process helps the chair move down and up. This cylinder constantly doing this process and after a few years, the cylinder goes out and leak. At this stage, it’s unable to move properly up and down.

What to do now?

Here I’m going to listen to some options frequently cheaper to good cost but reasonable price and quality.

Option 1: Try With Oil Into Components.

As this chair cylinder is a mechanical part, you might feel sometimes friction acting when using it or the chair lever. If that’s something similar to your mind then you may find that it lakes. Then you can give oil to every joint of parts. And test the chair it could fix the sinking first-time issues.

Option 2: Duct Tape & Hose Clamp

In this first point, I will show you the cheapest and very common solution using Duct Tape and Host Clamp. This trick will not repair your chair professionally but helps you to stop this chair from sinking but it’s a temporary solution. In this way, if you wonder to fix it, first make sure your duct tape size is 20 or 13/16″-1-3/4″ in diameter.

The host clamp is put to this cylinder piston, so it works as a hold.  So the duct tape will help the clamp from sliding inside the cylinder. But keep remembering that are not enough professional looks for your office or home.

Option 3: Use A Plastic PVC Pipe

Here is another awesome trick to fix this sinking issue at a chair. To perfectly adjustable the pipe at the cylinder you need to cut the pipe down the center. If you use an uncut pipe it will require some extra work on this method.

This pipe just looks like our Clamp, and it also works perfectly to stop anything from sinking around the cylinder. There is the main bottleneck of this method that, once you set it can be cracked and broken. That’s not a professional repair also.

Option 4: Test The Chair

Now could be the time to check your constant workplace chair. make certain that the chair is at a perfect top and in case it isn’t, you may snap on extra pieced the p.c pipe lengthwise over the cylinder. as soon as the peak is perfect, you’re true to move!

Option 5: Replace the Cylinder

Point of view: It will cost around $30, it is our permanent solution, it’s also professional and adjustable. You can purchase the complete cylinder replacement kit. This kit included a new cylinder and all of the required and recommended tools, which also offer 6 years warranty (you will get an instruction book).

The top two solutions using Hose Clamp, duct tape, and PVC pipe are not so professional fixing. It will not too harder to replace the cylinder as you think. Also, this method will give you a brand new chair feeling with a 6-month warranty. So if the chair is a computer chair and you working on it, then change the cylinder simply.

How difficult to get the project done?

No worry, it is a too easy and quite simple process and method. Now you might through you don’t have the right tools to work on it. No worry, we will send you complete tools and a super-easy introduction so that you can replace this cylinder yourself. Also, we are offering 6 years warranty, that’s mean you are getting a new chair for the next 6 years. Sound Good?


Generally, our all office chairs keep sinking, but for that reason please don’t make a decision that you can move to an uncomfortable set for your office. So it will only make struggle your day.

So we recommend you simply follow our above ways from the list so you can get a clear idea of how to fix sinking office chair. It will keep your life easy and fix your office sinking chair which one is unable to stay up. And works comfortably every day.


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