How To Make An Office Chair Higher: 7 Easy Ways

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While setting up your office chair, one of the maximum essential belongings you want to modify is the height. At times, but, you won’t get the needed height proper away especially if you proportion the chair. It’s a brand new one, or the changes to be had aren’t enough to elevate it to the desired top. Make certain that your chair is at the proper height to avoid any soreness or harm from the bad posture.

You clearly need to push a small lever at the bottom of the chair up or down to adjust the peak. Most office chairs you will discover today have a gas cylinder that makes adjusting the peak very quick and clean. Let’s read our article on ways how to make an office chair higher.

How To Make An Office Chair Higher: The Steps 

The steps you may use to elevate your chair to the preferred top are defined below. Understanding how to grow workplace chair peak requires understanding the type of chair and deterring the proper height adjustment procedures.

Use the peak adjustment lever

The top adjustment lever is the maximum common sort of peak adjustment feature on most office chairs that use a fuel raise cylinder. For this kind of chair, you could grow the height with the aid of really lifting the lever up then releasing it when it has attained the favored height.

Use a longer gas elevate cylinder

The duration of the gas raise cylinder determines how high the chair will go. Standard office chairs have a gas elevate cylinder with a tour/stroke of approximately 5 inches. If completely extending any such chair doesn’t come up with the right peak, you can do not forget to get a longer gas carry cylinder with a better stroke.

Search for a fuel elevate cylinder with a stroke of more than 5 inches for the pleasant effects. Some can move as high as eight inches that’s a great height for low chairs.

Replace the wheels with larger ones

The wheels of your workplace chair may also add some peaks when modified with larger ones. wheels may be offered online at an inexpensive charge then geared up in a short time providing you with a few inches of the top for your chair. ensure you get rubber wheels that damage your floors. The office chair caster wheels are a number of nice wheels for this project.

Use a top extension package

Workplace chair peak extension kits add reasonable height to your chair even still allowing for peak adjustment.
They’re easy kits to install and don’t value lots. They often have a foot ring that provides relaxation for theft at the brand new top. One of the first-rate height extension kits is theOfm DK-2 drafting kit.

 Add a platform under your chair

Another easy technique to make an office chair better without tampering with its mechanics is to feature a platform under it. This may be a flat piece of wood or another solid and flat item. You may need to lock the wheels for this one to prevent the chair from rolling off it.

Use a pillow or cushion on the seat

This is one is an instant one as you only want a pillow on the seat to give you a few greater inches of the peak. The trouble with this technique is that it’ll misalign your frame with the chair especially the decreased returned guide and headrest. Make sure the pillow isn’t too big or uncomfortable to avoid accidents on your again.

Get a larger chair

At times, the strategies presented right here to grow the height of the chair might not be paintings for the reason that the chair could just be too small. You could also not discover the proper system and a number of the answers may not appear viable.

In such a case, going for a bigger chair might be a terrific investment. You can discover some of the pleasant office chairs for guys on this overview. Here, you’ll find exact chairs at special rate factors however with large than common sizes for better comfort.

Why do you want to adjust the office chair’s height anyway?

When you are using an office chair, it is very critical that you hold it at the proper peak. If you hold your chair at the wrong top for prolonged durations of time, you will expand poor posture habits and likely motive persistent damage.

As an instance, in case you are a taller individual and your office seat is just too low, your posture will sag ahead, placing undue strain on your backbone, lumbar region, and neck. It can additionally motive tightness inside the hip.

In case you are at the shorter aspect and your seat is just too high, your toes may not lie flat on the floor even as sitting. In a few instances, your legs might even grasp off the edge of the seat. In both cases, there will be introduced pressure below your thighs that would, over the years, purpose problems with the move.

Earlier than we get into a way to make your chair better with primary changes and a few additional guidelines and tricks, you need to have the appropriate size chair.

For taller and heavier people, The range of adjustability and chair specs need to suit your frame size. So we would advocate starting out with a very good big and tall office chair earlier than tweaking it to an appropriate top.

The equal is going for shorter people. There are plenty of strong undertaking chairs with dimensions and adjustability stages that can be better desirable for people of smaller stature.

Once you have got the right chair, or if you like your chair and simply want to customize it at the precise peak, observe those subsequent steps.

Other Ways To Increase The Height Of Your Office Chair

First, you have to sit down on your chair then determine how high you need it adjusted. the proper height of a chair means having the brink of the seat at the peak of your knees. This means that your knees have to be at proper angles (90 levels) with the thighs whilst you’re seated.

If the waist is better than the knees, the chair is just too excessive. in case your knees are better than the waist and the attitude at the back of your knees is less than ninety degrees, the chair is too low. We’ll focus on the chair that’s low as the high ones require easy reduction by way of the lever.

In this regard, there are 3 types of chairs particularly those with a threaded post, the ones with a peak-adjustment lever, and others without both adjustment methods. adjusting every sort of chair is barely exceptional despite the fact that a few methods are relevant across all the chairs.

After the above tactics, you will have a good idea of how a whole lot higher your chair needs to be to offer the maximum comfortable sitting posture.


As seen here, making your chair higher is pretty easy relying on the chair you have and the peak boom wished. If you don’t understand what to do with the chair. Don’t strive to convert its elements as you can emerge as with a damaged chair. Knowing how to make an office chair higher goes a long way in making you relaxed at work.

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