How to Use Skype Desktop Windows 8.1

  • 05 Feb 2022 17:12
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Skype is an awesome product by Tech giant Microsoft. Skype is basically used to do Video calls and calls. In the newer version of Skype, you can follow the important people and skype will help you to connect to that person. The Android version of this software helps you to do all these things in your palm only.

When you create a new skype account you get a unique Skype ID which helps you to connect with all friends and family members. Everything was fine and awesome till Windows 7 but after the launch of Windows 8, Microsft gave a Metro version of this tool. This post will tell you how to use skype desktop windows 8.1.


Using Skype in Windows 8 or 8.1 can be less productive if you are working as well as using Skype because you need to switch from Desktop mode to Metro mode every time you receive any message.

Because when you try to install Skype in windows 8 or 8.1 Skype Download page will open the Microsoft app store, which will install the Metro version of Skype. This post will teach you how to use skype desktop windows 8.1

When you go to Skype Download page with Windows 8 or 8.1 as your operating system, it will open Microsoft app store and install Skype Metro version app. But you want to use Skype in Desktop mode in Windows 8 then you will need Skype for Desktop also read Spotify sleep timer.

But Skype still provides a Desktop version installer, which let you use Skype in Desktop mode in Windows 8, but they promote the Metro version of Installer and Desktop version on different URL. In this way, you can install skype desktop windows 8.1.

Follow the Bellow steps to use skype desktop windows 8.1.

  • Download Skype for Desktop version for Windows 8 from Skype Official Page.
  • Download about 35 MB full setup and Install as you install any software.
  • After Installation, open Skype from Desktop Icon. Don’t open from Metro GUI Because it will open Metro version of Skype.

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